Meet Our Team

We are proud of our history and even more proud of our present! Our staff is filled with knowledgeable and friendly experts with years of experience.  Please call or email them for anything you need.

Lawyers Title-66

Jim Janson
Managing Partner
cell:  (440) 228-9944


Kris Krippel
Business Development
Cell:  (440) 813-0610


Tracy Scheid
Business Development
Cell: (440) 221-5217


Ann Damm
Office Manager/Compliance Officer
Ext. 229


Debbie Mack
Escrow Officer
Ext. 201


Rhonda Tanner
Escrow Officer
Ext. 228


Teresa Fischer
Escrow Officer
Ext. 214


Renee Richmond
Escrow Officer
Ext. 225


Ashley Vincent
Escrow Assistant
Ext. 226


Theresa Smith
Escrow Assistant
Ext. 224


Tara Russell
Escrow Assistant
Ext. 206


Laura Roskey
Escrow Assistant
Ext. 203



Brittany Reynolds
Escrow Assistant
Ext. 218


Tammy Bechler
Escrow Officer
Ext. 219



Jen Rupinski
Title Officer
Ext. 202


Steve Clay
Ext. 208


Megan Majersky
Ext. 216


Ben Damm
Title Department
Ext. 230


Laurisa Rosado
Office Coordinator
Ext. 207